Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Huarte. Pamplona. 2012.

From the tradition of painting I am interested on the generation of spaces and the conflictive existence of a figure in a background. The History of Painting, in this regard, is for me a repetition of gestures.

The series Untitled consists on an exercise of analysis and transformation of images, for which my perception and a certain sense of accuracy are decisive. In these paintings I create relationships of non-objectivity, determining which information is to be emphasized and which shall be discarded in order to capture the ephemeral nature of the images, the moments that demonstrates that images change. In this process, the meaning associated with the image becomes weaker, erodes and fluctuates. My goal is to transform this unstable condition in a physical image. Here lies the fisrt contradiction of this work, the attempt to objectify a condition.

Contemporary Art Center Huarte. Spain.